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Demolition Man Inc. has earned a reputation for the ability to safely and efficiently demolish all types of structures. Many projects have required the total removal of a building or structure from within extremely densely-occupied areas. Regardless of the size or location of the structure, we possess the equipment and manpower to expeditiously and safely remove the structure. Demolition Man Inc. is often called upon to perform the partial demolition of a structure where only a portion of the structure is to be removed. We are capable of dissecting a structure so that the remaining portions are properly supported and remain in a structurally sound condition.
Removal of top two stores at 3rd & Pine
Removal of top 2 stories at 3rd & Pine
Our experience enables us to perform any type of interior demolition activities with minimal inconvenience to our customers. Interior demolition activities are usually conducted simultaneously with our customers' regular business operations. Frequent repeat business from customers with requirements of this type is a testament to our ability and success with this scope of work.
Our experience also includes the demolition of heavy industrial buildings, large commercial structures, bridges, and residential properties.

Demolition Man Inc. strives to provide our clients a project which has been completed within schedule, under budget and accident free. We have been a member of the AGC Safety Team for over 10 years and also affiliated with the National Demolition Association, and our company is a Certified EPA Lead Renovation Specialist. If you have any questions or comments about our company, please contact us today and ask for your free estimate.
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